The First Class


First class? No problem! If you’re wondering how to crush it on your first class, then read our 5 key points below!

1. arrive early

Get to the gym 10-15 minutes early to get situated.

Students who train BJJ with us consistently sometimes come to class late due to work, traffic, or train delays – but you definitely DON’T want to be late for your first class!

2. arrive ready: here's what to bring

One of the main questions we get is “what should I bring to my Jiu Jitsu class?” Here’s a quick checklist of what to bring!

– ID and a credit card (required)

NOTE: If you’ve made an appointment for a free trial BJJ class, your credit card will not be charged! Keep in mind – we only do free trials by appointment, if you still need to make one make sure you fill out the Get Started form and we’ll be in contact to set one up!

– A pair of sandals (recommended)

There is a strict no shoes on the mat & no bare feet (we count wearing socks as bare feet) off the mat policy. You can walk around off the mat with your street shoes on but life is so much easier with sandals.

– Water (recommended)

Jiu Jitsu can be a workout! This is optional of course, but we recommend it.

3. Wear the right clothing

Well firstly, this depends on what kind of class you’re booked for!

Introductory private classes are always in the “Gi” (the traditional uniform) but group classes are either “Gi” or “No-Gi”. If you’re going to a group class, you can double check if that class is Gi or No-Gi by having a look at our Schedule page.

In either case, for safety reasons, please remove all jewelry.

Luckily for you, we have a bunch of Gi’s for you to borrow for your first class!

However for “No-Gi” classes students bring their own clothing. We suggest arriving with basic athletic wear:

Male: T-shirt or compression shirt, athletic shorts or board shorts.

Female: T-shirt or compression shirt, opaque leggings and/or shorts that reach the mid-thigh.

Wear upper body clothing that covers the whole chest and upper arms – please no tank tops, sleeveless shirts, sports bras, or sweat pants.

By the way have we already mentioned there’s a no shoes on the mat, no bare feet off the mat policy? Because there’s a strict no shoes on the mat, no bare feet off the mat policy :).

4. come with the right mindset

The most important piece of gear is always your mindset!

Most people are afraid of trying something new and challenging – but by training Jiu Jitsu, we join a select group of people who aren’t afraid to leave their comfort zone.

That’s exactly what martial arts is all about! But there’s also no need to be intimidated! Beginners and experienced students alike are not expected to win at all costs to “prove themselves”. We cultivate an environment where learning and progress are prioritized over competitive mindsets.

Most of our students train martial arts to learn a fun new hobby, get a workout, and build their skills – and we think that’s pretty cool. If you want to thrive in our classes, come equipped with an enthusiastic vibe and an open mind!

5. find the gym

Our space is in a secret (literally underground) location. We’re hidden under the Astoria-Ditmars N, W station.

Find the stairway wedged between Rosario’s and Yaar. Look for signs listing “ITC” or “International Training Center”. To the left of the above-ground stairway, the academy is located behind the grey door and down the stairs.